Lindsay's Articles from The Chanticleer

These are articles I wrote in college when I was part of The Chanticleer, Coastal Carolina's student-produced newspaper. The earliest one dates back to 2009 and the last one was written in May of 2011.

I Bleed Black and Teal

Published: March 2011

Coastal Carolina University is the sweetest sounding name to my ears. Anyone who knows me can recognize one distinguishing fact: I love my school. 

Five years ago I toured CCU’s campus as an innocent high school senior. The moment I stepped foot on campus, I was in love. I don’t know if it was the close-knit community, the beautiful campus, or the athletics. I only knew one thing, Coastal Carolina was my school and I was going to be a Chanticleer. Soon my wardrobe was overtaken by CCU t-shirts, hoodies and jackets. My friends would joke saying I was the CCU bookstore. I was in love long before I was a student

Now as a senior, graduating in May, I still love my school. The love I held so tightly still flourishes over me. Graduating this May will be the happiest and the saddest day of my life. 

My love for my school has made me realize a lot, one being the negative articles. Lately, I’ve seen and heard so many students complain about all of our students not being athletically involved and not being school spirited. Those who write and say these things must not attend sporting events. When I attend sporting events, I see school spirit and I see the true fans. Sports are not for everyone and I do not expect every student to be out there cheering. Yes, some people might think we act like barbarians but this is what true fans do. We yell, scream and get angry or excited. No school will have their whole student population rushing out to sporting events. When I see a sold out game, students with painted chests, and girls who create new looks with their CCU tshirts, it’s school spirit. The negative allegations lately might waiver some to lose their school passion. The true fans will stand strong. The love for our school will never change no matter what happens. 

Throughout the years my love has never changed. I love my Chants. I love the athletes, students, faculty, Chauncey, the campus, and, yes, even the campus police. As I told ESPN in my last letter, “ No matter what Mr. Colin Coward says, he will never know anything until he walks in the shoes of our students, athletes, coaches, etc. No matter how much ESPN tries to put us down, I will always love my Chanticleers. I bleed black and teal.”

CCU Professor Turns Down Offer to be the First “Bachelor”

Published: Oct. 2010

Joseph Winslow, 15-year technology professor and Chair of Education and Technology at Coastal Carolina University, has done more than his share of interesting activities throughout his life. 
In 2001, Joseph’s sister and fraternity brother sent an application into The Bachelor, the first season, without him knowing. “The two of them are good friends and they conspired to nominate me for an application,” said Winslow. Without warning Winslow received a call from Katherine Price, the winner of the first season of The Mole and assistant producer of The Bachelor. “I had no prior knowledge of this,” he continued, “No idea I was an applicant.”
“The first thing I hear is, ‘Hi! I hear you’re interested on being on our show!,’” said Winslow. At first, Winslow was under the impression it was a fishing show. “I said sure, remind me the name of the show again,” he said. When Price told Winslow the name of the show was “ABC’s The Bachelor” he then realized it was not a fishing show. “I didn’t believe her. I thought she was a friend of a friend being put up to this just to give me a hard time,” said Winslow. 
It took Price a few minutes to convince Winslow she was a real casting agent and The Bachelor was a real show. “She interviewed me on the spot, and then asked if they could send me an application,” he said. Earlier Winslow’s sister and friend had only sent in a pre-application or nomination to be considered for auditions for the show. “The regular application was a 60-page document and they wanted to know everything about you,” said Winslow. Along with the extreme application, he was also required to submit video interviews. “I didn’t want to do this,” he continued, “I went kicking and screaming the whole time.” 
At this point Winslow still had no knowledge on what the show was actually about. “They were very ambiguous about how they described it. They said it was not going to be a cheesy dating show,” said Winslow. 
“I was single at the time and a little bored sociall. So I thought I might explore this option,” he said. He now had the mind-set that he had nothing to lose and sent in all the paper work and video interviews. “Hollywood time is pretty impressive,” said Winslow. Two days after they had received his information, Winslow had gotten a call back. After that he conducted several more phone interviews and even had to submit more video interviews. “Finally, I got a call back and they said they wanted to interview me on-site and do some screen tests,” he said. At the time he was unaware of what a screen test was and had came to the conclusion that it was just another on-site interview. 
ABC flew Winslow out to Los Angeles, California, and he stayed in a hotel owned by ABC and used for the specific purpose of casting. “They quarantined everybody because they didn’t want contamination,” said Winslow. None of the other potential bachelors or the bachelorettes were allowed to speak to one another. 
Before the casting began Winslow was required to take a series of tests. “I had to take intelligence tests, get my blood checked, and I had to be interviewed by psychologists,” said Winslow. 
After all the tests were finished the screen tests began. They sat him on a couch and had an interviewer ask him multiple questions. “They asked all these questions that nobody, not even your best friend or mom, would ever ask you,” he said. A does a few more screen tests and figures that they are going fine. “I had the attitude I am who I am and if you like me you like me,” said Winslow. 
The producers were still not telling him much information about the show. “All I knew was that this was a show designed to math you up with the love of your life,” said Winslow. He was very skeptical of this. 
When the final screen test happened, Winslow had two interviewers interviewing him. They had him sing, tell jokes, tell stories, and a lot of improvisation. “I knew something was up when I remember answering one of the questions … After I answered it I immediately heard a ton of people laughing,” he continued, “For a second I thought that they were watching a good show in the next room. Then it hit me, they had sample audiences in the other room that are watching all the candidates as they come in here.” He came to the conclusion that the audience would be the deciding factor on whether or not he made the show. “I was so naïve going into this experience, I had no idea how Hollywood worked,” he said. 
After returning home Winslow heard nothing for 3 days. He finally got a call back from Katherine Price. “ ‘She said Joe I want to congratulate you,’ and I said for what? and she said ‘No Joe, you are ABC’s The Bachelor,’” said Winslow. Everyone unanimously wanted Winslow to be The Bachelor. He bought into it and decided to go with it. “They were all set to fly a production team out her to Coastal to shoot me teaching class, coaching track, and being at the beach surfing,” said Winslow. They had done this to build a profile shot to show the viewers a little about Winslow. “I finally got my contract and in my contract it said I had to propose at the end of the show and on camera,” he said. He decided he wouldn’t be able to promise that. “I don’t think I could have met the love of my life and recognize her in 18 days,” he said. Winslow then decided to turn them down. “I called them up and said thanks, but no thanks,” said Winslow. 
Along with The Bachelor, Winslow is also a fishing boat captain and has many awards for fishing. “My weekend life is very different from my teaching life,” said Winslow. He fishes competitively on the weekends on the Salt Water Fishing Circuit targeting King Makeral. Currently, Winslow is the advisor for the Coastal Salt Water Anglers Fishing Club at CCU. “We have about 25 guys and I take them out fishing for a variety of different species,” he said. In 2007, they won the national championship and the Southport Tournament. 
Winslow is also a surfer and has traveled around the world surfing and he teaches Coastal Carolina’s very first surfing class. “The most interesting thing in my life is meeting my wife and marrying her,” said Winslow.

The Death of the Princess

Published: Dec 2010

Ten years ago my friends and I worshipped Disney princesses. I can remember my sister and I fighting over who would be Belle. However, now little girls aren’t into being princesses. An article I read a few months ago said five year old girls are more interested in being hot than being princesses. Even though being a princess, having a male figure rescue you from certain doom, and living happily ever after may seem a little far-fetched for some. These ideas have been a staple in my generation and many other generations before mine. Is this what the media has really become? Little girls don’t want to be princesses but instead be ‘hot’. At age five I had no clue what ‘hot’ even meant much less that I wanted to be that. In the 90’s boys still had cooties when I was five. Those were the good days, when boys had cooties and the halls were adorned with everyone giving cootie shots out. But on to the point of this post. If you haven’t been paying attention to the news lately, Disney’s new movie, Tangled, will be the last princess movie for a while. A generation and many generations before are at a crossroad. No more princess movies, except those kept on old tapes and DVD’s. For those, like myself, who have grown up loving every Disney princess Disney’s Tangled will be one for the books. Not only something historic but also the last princess for a while. In the article, the writer stated little girls were more interested in being hot and princesses weren’t something little girls wanted to be anymore.

Interview with Pat Monahan, lead singer of Train

Published: Sept 2010

Pat Monahan, lead singer of the band Train, allowed me to interview him after his concert in Charleston, S.C. Train is an American rock band that got it’s start in 1994. In 2002, their song “Drops of Jupiter” won two Grammy Awards. Train is most known for their songs “Meet Virginia,” “Drops of Jupiter,” and their newest hit “Hey Soul Sister.” Currently, the band is on tour for their newest album Save Me San Francisco. 

Lindsay: What is your inspiration?
Pat: People. I think that thinking that you can do some good on the planet is always kind of cool, but seeing how people live their lives and being inspired by them is my inspiration.

L: How did your band get started?
P: We got started in San Francisco, and almost all of us met in Los Angeles. We went to San Francisco because they have a lot of beautiful venues there. We decided that was a better place to try to build a fan base. When we made our record “Meet Virginia” it became our first hit.

L: What was your song “Drops of Jupiter” about?
P: I actually had a dream about nine months after my mother died. My dream was that she was telling me what it was like out there, and she had drops of Jupiter in her hair. Basically she was swimming through heaven, and she came back to tell me the story. 

L: What advice do you have for college students who are pursuing their dreams?
P: I think the best thing about people that I’ve met in life is the people who are authentic. You don’t have to be the coolest, or the best looking, or the smartest, or the most talented. Just be who you are, and then if you become successful as the person you are then there is twice as much success. Instead of trying to be something you’re not and then being successful, because then you have to keep figuring out how to be who you are not. 

L: What do you when you’re not on tour?
P :I go home to Seattle. I’m not there often and I miss it.

L: What is your most favorite place you have visited?
P: Italy. It’s just amazing. The food and the people are wonderful.

Get Your Surf On

Published: April 2010

Summer is coming up and we only have two full weeks of school left. The days are getting hotter and longer, and to many of us this means surfing weather. However, I am aware that many of do not know how to surf, or have the want to learn how to surf. There is a solution to this!
If you love the beach and have no real urge to try surfing; there’s a new fashion craze called “surf wear.” Surf wear is simply taking the movements of the waves and the surfer and adding it to your wardrobe. Here are three things to add to your wardrobe in surf wear; dresses, shoes, and accessories.
When you wear your dresses or shirts in surf wear think one thing; ruffles. Ruffles are the biggest thing right now in the fashion world. Do not go overboard though. A ruffled top is fine with a modest bottom, but stay away from head-to-toe ruffles. My personal favorite right now is a ruffled shoulder. It gives you a sleek look and makes you look much thinner. Kohl’s Elle collection us a great place to find ruffled pieces. The even better thing, Kohl’s is currently having a sale on almost everything!
I know when most of think of surf shoes you think either Rainbows or Reefs. This is not true in the fashion world. Look for shoes with curves, holes, and made in a way that they mimic a wave. Wedges are the best surf wear shoe. They have a beach look to them, and the heels of wedges can easily be made in a curved look. My favorite pair right now can be found at DIllard’s by BCBG. They have a blue peep-toe wedge, with multi-colored stitching and a curved heel. This heel is the definitive “surf wear” look. For great surf wear shoes, check out Dillard’s.
Finally, your accessories should also mimic the waves. Remember, giant purses are OUT. Look for heritage bags and clutches. Purses with ruffles and swirled patterns are easily found at most stores. Also look for swirled patterns in jewelry, mainly bracelets. This pattern mimics the surf wear almost perfectly. For great accessories, check out Bijuju (Vanity), Wet Seal, and Charlotte Russe. 
The surf look is no longer just for surfers. So embrace the ruffles, swirls, and curves of your new wardrobe!

No More Sagging!

Published: April 2010

This one is for the guys. My biggest pet peeve is seeing the saggy pants look. It is in no way, shape, or form fashionable. Wearing pants down to your knees does not flatter you or give you a good shape in any way. Here are some tips for buying good jeans and keeping them on your waist. Make sure you have a good fit, color, and brand when buying your jeans guys.
First, the fit is the most important guys. Make sure you have the right size and length for your pants. You don’t want them to be too long where they drag the ground, and you don’t want them to be too short where you can see your socks and ankles. A good tip is to get measured before you go and buy your pants. Also, another good tip is when you go shopping for your jeans try on a size longer and bigger and a pair that’s shorter and smaller than what your normal length and width are. Have a good variety to compare with to get the perfect size. You want your size to fit you like a glove. This does not mean tight. The jeans should fit like they were specially made just for you. 
Next, is the color. Dark wash jeans are the biggest thing that is “in” for the male fashion world right now. Dark jeans will make your butt look better, and make your legs look more streamlined. Dark jeans can also be considered business casual so you can wear them day and night. Light jeans are also a must for your wardrobe. Lighter jeans will help the skinnier guy look bigger. Light colored jeans add weight onto you, so if you don’t want to look bigger stay with the dark wash. Stay away from the jeans with holes, they are not in fashion and look horrible on most people. Finally, your dressy pants. Khaki’s are always in for guys and the big fashion statement right now for formal wear with men is pinstriped black pants. They streamline you and give you an amazing looking figure.
Finally, the brand. Luckily, most brands work for guys. The best place for jeans are Express, American Eagle, and Abercrombie. All three of these brands offer great jeans for guys in many different sizes. For your formal pants, check out Express. They offer many pairs of formal pants in many shapes and sizes.
Guys, leave the saggy, down-to-the-knee, pants a thing in the past. Us ladies like a cute butt on our guys and when we can’t see it, due to your pants hanging around your knees it is a turn off.

Stay Cool with a Dress

Published: April 2010

With the spring and summer season sneak up fast, here are some ideas to keep in mind while you switch your winter wardrobe to your spring and summer wardrobe. Keep it light. Spring and summer is all about fun and being free. Don’t wear gaudy things to slow you down. Here are three big tips to keep light; dresses, jewelry, and shoes.
First, your dresses. Chiffon, lace, and silk are in. Embrace them! Wear your dresses light and flowing. For those of you who are first timers in South Carolina for the summer, the natives know one thing. It gets hot and sometimes unbearably hot, and when it does we wear dresses. Dresses are wonderful things designed to keep us women cool in the summer and looking fabulous. Look for dresses in pastel, blacks and whites, and make sure you have the perfect fit. Pair your dress with a cute pair of flats, you’ll look great in the day and at night slip on some heels and jewelry. You’ll have an amazing night outfit. Franchesca’s is the best place for dresses at good prices.
Next your jewelry. Go with light pieces of jewelry. Thin hoops, bangles, charm bracelets, and small necklaces are the way to go. Also a great necklace is a Brighton necklace. You can change the charms on it however you want. Look for pieces in gold and silver, both are in fashion right now. For great jewelry pieces check out Wet Seal, and Charlotte Russe. Brighton necklaces can be found at Gemini Boutiques. 
Finally, your heels. Look for strappy sandals and kitten heels. The Grecian goddess look is in, and go light with it. Nude shoes are also a must, and the good news is they make your legs look longer. The best place to find shoes is Dillard’s and the Nine West Outlet. Both offer a variety of strappy heels and flats for a great price!

Go Gold for the Olympics

Published: March 2010

Still feeling the rush of Olympic games and want to keep the flow going after the Olympics are gone? Here’s the ways you can keep your love for the Olympics going. Since America has the most gold medals, gold is the color right now. Gold outfits, shoes, and jewelry are in right now.
For your gold outfit needs, don’t do head-to-toe gold pant-suit. If you really have the urge to be all gold, buy a gold dress, but there are rules with this. Stay away from silk fabrics unless you’re extremely skinny with practically no figure. Gold and silk is one combo that will show off every area of problems you don’t want to be seen. Go with an imitation silk fabric that has more flow to it and less cling. If you don’t want to be in all gold, there are very easy solutions for this. A jacket with a gold buckle, a shirt with gold stitching or anything fashionable with gold emphasis are perfectly acceptable fashion trends. Great places to find gold dresses are Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal and great places to go for less subtle ways of showing your gold are Express and The Limited.
Next, gold shoes; tennis shoes, heels, and boots, all three of these footwear are acceptable in gold. Gold tennis shoes are in, and the best way to do them is all gold. Keep away from the sportier tennis shoe brands if you’re going for a fashion statement, stay around the more fashion savvy ones, Puma, DC, and ACICS. Also, go with all gold with your heels and make a flashy statement. Your shoes make your outfit and can make you look amazing when worn with the right outfit. Pair a black dress with gold shoes and you’ll be the center of attention. Finally, boots, you can either go with all gold boots or have boots with gold emphasis; either one works. For your gold shoe needs, Dillards and TJ Max have the best selection. 
Finally your jewelry is a very simple fashion statement to achieve with some simple rules. If your clothes are flashy your gold jewelry should not be gaudy or loud, but instead soft and simple, a golden locket or small gold earrings. However, if your clothes are not flashy, your jewelry can be gaudy, loud, thick and bright. Chunky gold necklaces are in right now, as well as bangles and chandelier earrings. If you’re going to be gaudy, leave it to one piece do not do gaudy earring, necklaces, and bracelets. Go with one gaudy piece and the rest can be simple and speak for itself. Great finds for jewelry are Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, and Express.

Spring Fever

Published: March 2010

Spring fever is something most of us women suffer from. It is the urge to buy new clothes and shoes for the spring and summer seasons. Luckily for you guys, I have the scoop on all the best places to buy your spring and summer clothes for a good price. This is for your day-to-day, date-night, and bar/club night outfits. 
For day-to-day outfits, Francesca’s and Anthropologie are the places to go. Francesca’s and Anthropologie are both at the Market Common and offer great clothes. Francesca’s offers flowy dresses and shirts that fit all the style requirements and almost everything is under $30.00, this is a steal. Anthropolgie is more on the expensive side; however, they have a sale room where everything is very cheap and you can find some great buys. Anthropologie’s clothes are more on the bohemian style, but very modern and classy. Both are great buys to wear around campus, shopping with friends, or anything else you do as a day-to-day activity. 
Date-night clothes when you go out with your special someone are best found at White House Black Market and Banana Republic. I know what you’re thinking right now, that these places are expensive. The sale rack can become your best friend, if you know how to look for clothes. Both these stores are also located at the Market Common and their sale racks are usually full of gorgeous pieces under $30.00. White House Black Market offers outfits that are usually only black or white or both. The perfect little black dresses can be found her and amazing little shirts. Banana Republic offers more one color dresses that you can glam up with accessories. Both sale racks are amazing finds for your spring and summer wardrobe.
Bar/Club night outfits can be flashy without being trashy. Check out Express, Wet Seal, and Charlotte Russe in the Coastal Grand Mall for these great finds. Express always has sale racks going on and good deals, especially if you go during the infamous “box sales”. Wet Seal is currently offering a deal where you buy one sale item and you get another for a penny, and they also have many other good choices on clothing. Lastly, Charlotte Russe is always up to date on their fashion and their sale racks are amazing. If you’re also buying outfits make it complete with shoes, Dillard’s is currently offering racks of sale shoes for 70% off the regular price, great deals on great shoes.
So ladies, tip of the day is to go through sale racks and make them your best friend. You’ll have more stylish clothes for great prices and will always look great.

Skinny Jeans for Every Type.

Published: March 2010

Skinny jeans are undoubtedly a controversial fashion topic. Most of us women consider them to be either our best friend or worst enemy; there really isn’t much middle ground. In reality, the skinny jeans aren’t made just for the super skinny girl. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and fits for us women who aren’t so fortunate to be super skinny. These simple rules will help you find the perfect fit in skinny jeans no matter your size or shape.
First, the brand is most important. Find a brand that markets to a real woman’s body. American Eagle, Abercrombie, and Hollister are three giant “no-no’s”; they all market to a younger age group and mainly young girls who are not yet fully developed. They also do not usually offer a high-waisted, more sophisticated jean. Great places to find a good fitting skinny jean are Express, Dillards, J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, and The Limited. You may pay a little more but your jeans will look amazing.
Next to consider is your body shape. If you have curvy hips and thighs go with a higher-waisted skinny jean in order to mask the excess curves you don’t want to emphasize; low-waisted jeans do the opposite. Also go with a dark wash jean with no wear marks to create smooth lines down your legs. If you’re curvier on the top half of your body or busty go with a normal-waisted jean that off sets your curves on the top to give you an even figure on the bottom. You can go with a dark or light wash with your jeans; either one will give you a great figure to even out your curves. You now need to consider your height and the length of your jeans to ensure the best fit.
Now since you have the brand, fit, and color picked out for your jeans, you must consider what styles to wear with them. Wearing skinny jeans is quite possibly the easiest way to go from day to night with a simple change of shoes. For a casual day, pair your skinnies with a flowy top and ballet flats or flat sandals. If it’s cold you can always tuck them into a pair of snow boots or leather flat boots. For a fancier look, pair them with the same top and heels. Remember, if it’s cold skinnies look great tucked into a pair of knee-high high-heel boots. These rules in hand, you can always look great wearing your new pair of skinny jeans.